Butter This Up!

Do you like biscuits but you just don’t have the time to make them?

Well, I have a recipe for you. I found this on Christy Jordan’s blog at http://www.southernplate.com.  If you’ve never read her blog, then you need to hurry on over there. To get this recipe that I’m recommending, look under the recent posts, click on Cold Outside?, scroll down until you see Mama’s Hoe Cake recipe. And if you have an iron skillet, go ahead and pull it out,too.  When I read the recipe, I just couldn’t believe that something so simple and easy could be so good. But I was wrong. I fixed this for dinner tonight to go with my vegetable soup that I had made yesterday.

My Vegetable Soup


My Hoe Cake

Sorry! I couldn’t keep Mr. Crossroads away long enough to get a picture!

Sometimes simple really is the best!

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The Crossroads-Then and Now

One of the benefits of being housebound during snow days is that you have time to go through some old photos. I found this 1960 photo of the house that was taken when it had snowed that year.



Not much has changed in 51 years.

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Snow at the Crossroads


Snow makes everything beautiful

Today it snowed at Windham’s Crossroads.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Our dog Lucy had a great time romping in the snow.

Lucy playing in the snow

The chairs look like they have fluffy cushions, but I don’t think I’ll be sitting in these today!

Chairs sitting in the snow

We can’t forget our feathered friends. I hope they have found food and shelter today.

Snow on the rooftop

Well, enough with the pictures. I’m headed into the kitchen to make some vegetable soup!

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My First Post

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first post. For the past year, I’ve  been reading and commenting on several blogs. My New Year’s Resolution was to get my own blog up and running. How did I do?  My goal is to share our renovations and family recipes. Please leave a comment so that I’ll  know that you stopped by my new blog.

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