Butter This Up!

Do you like biscuits but you just don’t have the time to make them?

Well, I have a recipe for you. I found this on Christy Jordan’s blog at http://www.southernplate.com.  If you’ve never read her blog, then you need to hurry on over there. To get this recipe that I’m recommending, look under the recent posts, click on Cold Outside?, scroll down until you see Mama’s Hoe Cake recipe. And if you have an iron skillet, go ahead and pull it out,too.  When I read the recipe, I just couldn’t believe that something so simple and easy could be so good. But I was wrong. I fixed this for dinner tonight to go with my vegetable soup that I had made yesterday.

My Vegetable Soup


My Hoe Cake

Sorry! I couldn’t keep Mr. Crossroads away long enough to get a picture!

Sometimes simple really is the best!


About Jane

I am a retired elementary school teacher who loves to read and collect cookbooks, go junking, garden, and decorate our little cottage.
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3 Responses to Butter This Up!

  1. Tricia Crout says:


    It doesn’t get any better than that – vegetable soup and cornbread…Love your blog…can’t wait for more…my love to you, Leo and all the critters

  2. Barbara Smith says:

    Jane, loved the blog and we still want to come up and check out the antique places after it warms up. Henry is working 3 days and off on Thurs. and Fri. so we are going to do some day trips in the spring. At least I want to do that. Hello to Leo. Come see us sometime. Barbara

  3. Jane says:

    Thanks Barbara. We’d love for you to visit. Maybe Henry could get a Monday off because that is the only day the auction is open. Check my blog often so you can keep up with what we are doing (and tell others about it, too)!

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